International Tax Consultancy

We provide commercial and functional, tax-planning that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets. Sometimes US professional international tax advice is complex and difficult to understand. We can understand the legal advice and ensure that the implementation of your US-Barbados structure is correct and effective.

US + Hybrid Trust Services

Mithril International provides customized international trust services and solutions to non-US persons using US trusts and Hybrid US trusts. We facilitate the implementation and administration of US trusts for non-US international families, business owners and investors.


Mithril international will act as co-trustee of US trusts. We are experts at instructing US tax and estate planning attorneys to get you the right advice that you need to operate effectively.

Trustee & Fiduciary

Mithril International is a licensed trust and corporate services provider and is licensed to provide trustee and administration services. We will act as co-trustee of US trusts. We can establish business trusts, purpose trusts and discretionary trusts from Barbados, Florida or Canada.

US Business Trusts

The United States has a well established legal history of Business Trusts. In the new era of automatic information exchange, the US Business trust is the ideal vehicle for owner managers of international businesses and their families. The US Business Trust is the optimal vehicle for owner managers and their families to carry out international business and investments.


Mithril International can help clients with international fundraising. We have experience and capabilities with private placements, crowd funding, as well as listing shares and digital security tokens. Mithril can produce or help you produce, propositions for use with fundraising. We also can help with:


  • Pitch decks
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Applications
  • Subscription Agreements
  • Financial Projections

Corporate Services

The setup and maintenance of a Barbados corporation company can be very time consuming. We listen to your specific business requirements and provide you with the services needed to to operate an effective multi-jurisdictional business. This is inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Set up, operation, and administration of Barbados companies, and international structures.
  • Corporate and individual Directors.
  • Registration of Canadian and Florida branches.
  • Registration and establishment of US LLCs.

Implementation of Tax Advice

Mithril International will provide commercial, functional, taxplanning that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets. We have experience in working with tax advisors from your jurisdictions and we understand how to implement and operate the tax advice that they give you.


Mithril International will understand your tax advice, implement your tax structure and makes sure the objectives of your family and business are always achieved.

Financial Accounting

We provide financial accounting services that enable you to produce either management accounts or Financial statements for international businesses and international trusts.


These financial accounting services can be provided to IFRS or other GAAP standards if necessary. We can also facilitate and enable annual financial audits if required.


Mithril International will provide clients with submissions and guidance when dealing with:

  • The Common Reporting System (“CRS”)
  • Economic Substance legislation.
  • AML and Continuous Risk Assessment.

whether or nor reporting is required.

Active Business Solutions

Mithril International will help you with all the tasks required to enable your business to be operated both legally and efficiently. Our active business services include:

Directors | Office Space | Staff | Management & oversight

Immigration & Relocation

Due to the global exchange of information, owners and families need to choose their citizenship and residence carefully. You need residency in the place that you are going to run your international businesses and wealth planning platform from.


We offer services to facilitate the following for you:

  • Barbadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Full and temporary visas
  • Spousal or partner’s visas

Florida Trusts/LLCs

These services are for Non-US persons:


  • Florida LLC registered agent 
  • LLC formation
  • LLC formation and compliance 
  • Florida branch registration
  • Florida Private Trust Company
  • Florida Domestic and Foreign Trusts
  • Florida Trustee and administration
  • Instructions and Facilitating advice from US international tax counsel.