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Mithril International Lifestyle.

Lifestyle anywhere ultimately comes down to local knowledge and local contacts.  We make our local contacts and knowledge available to our clients.  Mithril offers a luxury concierge service but this is mainly for our clients. Our clients are always our priority, and we can be there when they need us to help them.

The business lifestyle.

If you own and manage an international business like an oil & gas, mining or agricultural export company, you may decide to establish a private investment fund in a place like Barbados. This means you will need to spend time in Barbados with your business.  If you are running an international structure it is important that you travel to the jurisdiction where it is based as commercial reality is important in law. Especially tax law.

Travel arrangements.

For those clients who travel via private jets  or want a luxury meet and greet services at the airport. We can help you with all of that.  If there is a luxury hotel you want to get a booking at, let us know. It is always about who you know.

Local lifestyle.

Some of our clients are keen to sample the local lifestyle, Rum shops, cigar shops, and local food in Barbados.  We make all of our contracts and relationships available so that you can sample the local atmosphere without over paying and really enjoy yourself.  


Some of our clients want to arrange luxury golf tours and entertain, we help facilitate golf tours on the three luxury courses in Barbados.

Safety and security.

Many of our clients and friends from Latin America tell us they like Barbados for them and their family above all because it is safe.  One of our clients from Venezuela sends their kids here for the entire summer.  If your family is with you, you will want to enjoy some downtime while here.  Barbados is a very safe place.  Visitors and tourists can enjoy the island very safely. To be honest, the entire island is in the business of taking care of its guests.  One good and bad thing about an Island is that it is a very controlled environment.

Local real estate & logistics.

We provide a range of services to help our clients do whatever it is they are trying to do.  Sometimes that is renting a villa, arranging visas for friends and family to visit while you are here or helping with longer visits and relocation.  


We are real estate agents but we don’t have inventory and we don’t sell real estate as a business activity. However we do help our clients with finding real estate, negotiations and transactions to help them realize long term value.  Quite a few of our clients use Airbnb themselves and arrange places to stay.  Some of our clients want to rent a villa with a private chef and daily cleaning.  We can put all of that together for you. This is another area where ‘who you know’ can unlock a lot of value.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our lifestyle and concierge services are created with you in mind. Our services are catered to your preferred level of assistance and tailored to your personal desires and requirements.  We understand the importance of ascertaining your needs and ensuring that every moment of every experience is comfortable and luxurious.  Time is life’s most precious commodity and we work diligently to ensure that our service delivery streamlines your existence and allows you to make the most of your time.


Our team of professionals at Mithril are dedicated to offering you an unparalleled concierge service in Barbados. Our services will enrich your lifestyle.  We can meet your needs through a menu of one-of-a-kind concierge services tailored to suit you.

VILLAS – Luxury Limestone


Barbados is famous for being a limestone island. Barbados is also famous for its limestone villas which have and maintain a cool calm ambience inside even when it is 30 degrees outside.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, enjoy the West Coasts’ bespoke collection of luxury villas which are located by some of the most immaculate beaches on the island.

RUM – Beyond Retail


Barbados is one of the oldest Rum producers globally with the first spirits being produced more than 300 years ago. We have a few friends in the rum industry and we know our way around.

If you want to buy your own barrel or arrange to enjoy a special rum yourself one evening or arrange for special boutique brands for guests. We know a couple of connoisseurs who can get it done and have access to  beyond what is available in retail. 



If you want to have a premium Cigar experience in a high-end, boutique lounge, Barbados is the place for you. You can enjoy a range of luxurious and exquisite cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  Each Cigar is carefully designed with patrons distinguished palates in mind.

GOLF – Luxury Golf Tours


Barbados is home to some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean. Pros and novices alike enjoy the immaculate views, and tropical weather while enjoying a game of golf.


We also know a few golf professionals especially a Golf and body expert who specializes in training the  body to recover from golf injury and optimize exercises and training for maximum golf performance. If you want to arrange a luxury golf tour for some potential clients who will delight in receiving expert instruction, let us know.


Golf is more than a relaxing sport, it is a strategic business development tool.  You may want to take the opportunity to network and engage with other keen golfers while indulging in the fairways and relaxing environment.